Drone Services for Entertainment, Industrial, Real Estate and more...

Drone Services for Entertainment, Industrial, Real Estate and more...

Drone Services for Entertainment, Industrial, Real Estate and more...Drone Services for Entertainment, Industrial, Real Estate and more...Drone Services for Entertainment, Industrial, Real Estate and more...

Four Seasons Nevis

Drone New England soars above paradise for the Four Seasons Resort Estates in the West Indies. 

Construction/Real Estate

Whether you want keep your investors engaged or allow buyers to follow along with the progress of a project, aerial footage with the use of a drone for construction projects can be critical in the success of your multimillion dollar project.   Leave nothing to chance and get the materials you need for the best presentations for Zoning Boards, Neighborhood Associations and more.  These images are a small price to pay for projects with so much money on the line.

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Thermal Imagery/3D Mapping


Ask about Thermal Imagery and 3D Mapping for more detailed reports and data on a building, property or project.

Real Estate


Allow buyers to see the property they want from all vantage points with vibrant, robust imagery.  

Brand Marketing


Your Brand requires the proper strategy in this new age of digitally savvy consumers.  Bring out the "Experience " your business offers and let the right video content tell your remarkable story.

Breaking News


As stories break, our team of drones can be up in the air getting your news organization the perfect shot to tell the story.  Have us on call from when things happen fast!



Creators now have more access to stunning images that were once only available to massive studio budgeted productions.  Our pilots are creators too, with an eye for story telling and an ability to get the perfect shot for what ever you are hoping to capture.

Special Events/Wedding


Your wedding day deserves the best imagery to preserve every moment for generations to come.  Aerial images tell the story from the clouds, showing you what your loved ones above are seeing.  These glorious shots are the ideal frosting to the story of your life.

About Us


New England Drone offers aerial video & photography for any group, organization or individual looking to capture the perfect image for their event, project or business.  Whether it's industrial, personal or for entertainment purposes, New England Drone provides affordable, dependable and quality service each and every time.  New England Drone is also FAA Approved (Part 107 Remote Pilot Certification) and is insured for most circumstances. 

Remote Pilots

Our Remote Pilots in Command of all of our unmanned aircraft systems are committed to completing each mission with not only the best high quality images, videos and reports for our clients, but  doing so safely, within all of the specific guidelines set forth by the FAA. 

Why Us?

Our wide range of services, skill sets and contacts make us an extremely valuable partner in what ever you are expecting to accomplish.  Many missions Drone New England flies are part of an on going campaign of inspections, safety checks, production needs and construction projects.  Therefor, we are experienced and flexible as it relates to long term, recurring relationships that require constant communication and stellar team work.  Our packages and rates are designed to encourage ongoing relationships that can grow as the aerial imagery/photography industry does too.

Cape Cod from the sky...

We obviously love what we do and want to share some of our most beautiful images with those who might appreciate it.  Check this out and subscribe to ourYouTube Channel if you want more...

Nauset Beach and....

...experience the lower Cape like a bird high in the sky!  Our collection of aerial images and video will take your breath away.  Sit back and enjoy the flight...


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